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Peri is a web and app-based travel and expense management platform that can be used to punch in all official expenses, including expenses incurred on official trips. Peri enables users to quickly review their organization’s expense policy and helps them stay within their allocated allowances, helping businesses to optimize costs by bringing more visibility and control into corporate spending. It also automates the current manual process of submitting expenses by creating a centralized repository/archive.

A powerful expense management solution can prove to be a great value addition to any business. The business can save costs, enforce T&E policies effectively, and achieve better visibility in corporate spending data to provide a greater employee experience.
Peri can enable your business to manage all types of expenses in one place. This includes travel and expense reimbursements, advance cash requests, trip requests with and without cash advance, business expense reimbursement, and many more.
Peri is suitable for all businesses and their T&E management needs. It helps in simplifying expense filing, approvals, and audits. Peri has a powerful business intelligence dashboard with a graphical and tabular view of reports and expenses which will help your business in making smart business decisions.
Yes, Peri has a multi-currency expense submission.
We have defined the pricing plans as per the number of users who would be using Peri in your team or organization. You can select any pricing plan according to your needs and start using Peri in your team or organization. Please check out the pricing page for more information.
No, Peri does not require any additional software.
Yes, Peri works on all operating systems and internet browsers. The Peri app is also available on Android and iOS.
There are 4 roles in Peri: Submitter, Manager, Auditor, and Finance. These roles can be activated or deactivated as per the organization’s needs and the process of T&E approvals.
Yes, Peri has an admin login. Once a plan is purchased, a login is created by your name. Once the account is activated from your registered email ID, you will be granted the admin and manager role which will enable you to add more users. Then, you can also add and define policies as well as expense categories. Please check out the pricing page for more information.
Yes, a user on Peri can have multiple roles attributed to him/her. A user can be given a role of a Submitter along with other roles like Admin, Manager, Auditor, or Finance.
Yes, Peri is currently available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and German.

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