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Transform your travel & expense management with Peri.


Enhance employee productivity and business growth by streamlining travel and expense management

If your employees are worried about verifying allowances amid a sales pitch, their productivity may get affected, and the entire business trip might be a waste. Ensure this doesn’t happen. Make their lives smoother with PERI.

  • File for expenses on the move, in advance, or on an urgent basis through
    the mobile application
  • Eliminate the need to hang on to bills, invoices, and receipts
  • Expedite reimbursement requests, thus eliminating the disappointment that comes with delays
  • Improve employee satisfaction and enhance the business’s overall productivity

Peri® Use Cases

client meetings

fund request

approval system

Client upkeep

trip management

Finance Teams

Make your finance team’s job easier. Save them the time and frustration associated with paperwork

Tattered, faded, old, and torn bills with digits that are no longer visible and need further clarification is every finance executive’s nightmare. Instead of providing them with a magnifying glass, why not let PERI simplify this task?

  • Get access to detailed reports and intelligent insights
  • Automatically log in expenses made from company cards
  • Get immaculate records of bills, receipts and track every payment
  • Instantly release payment approvals as per the configured criteria
    and policy
  • With all data stored in a cloud-based repository system, effortlessly
    review costs to study patterns and prepare for audits.

Peri® Use Cases

Tax audits

TAT reports

Tax laws


Bills and receipt

Audit claim

Travel Managers

Eliminate bureaucratic hassles. Enable travel managers to maximize productivity

With every business trip, there are countless growth opportunities for businesses to expand mutually. But making these trips happen consists of a long and complex system of approvals. PERI lets the travel manager set up the entire workflow hierarchy and policies with ease.

  • Deliver due diligence when an employee raises a planned business
    trip request
  • Go through payment records and initiate reimbursement requests
    without any delay
  • Get an eagles-eye view of the expenditure along with detailed reports and actionable insights
  • Foster a data-driven approach towards managing travel expenditure while increasing operational efficiency

Peri® Use Cases


Advanced reports
on expenditure

expenditure limits


Bills and
receipts storage


Enable employees to collaborate with vendors seamlessly and crank up productivity

Manufacturing companies rely on an intricate network of sales vendors and component suppliers to manufacture the end product. The only vulnerable point threatening this network is a loose end in the financial paper trail. PERI plugs every leak without skipping any detail, making the system ironclad.

  • Automate accounts payable to eliminate manual data entry and paperwork
  • Use detailed insights and analytics to explore more depth in business relations
  • Manage and control spends while ensuring compliance
  • Ensure that the standard operating procedures and company protocols of every company are implemented without errors
  • Enhance productivity by automating expense management processes

Peri® Use Cases

Vendor & Supplier feasibility analysis based on expense reports

Resource Allocation strategies facilitated by actionable insights

Ease of access for the sales representative to file expenses in case of unplanned client visits

Ironclad receipt/bills management system to store and facilitate financial audits

Ability to update financial policies and hierarchies to keep up with Government norms

Finance & Legal

Increase compliance, boost security, and gain heightened visibility into employee spends

Financial and Legal companies thrive on strict compliance and regulatory guidelines, which makes their system airtight. PERI deploys multifactor authentication for flawless security, ensuring internal controls are stringent enough for reliable financial statements improving the accuracy of corporate disclosures, and protecting the shareholders from general accounting errors & frauds. Failure to comply with accounting regulations may result in penalties amounting up to millions of dollars and, in some cases, imprisonment. Ace compliance and simplify tangled finance and litigation processes with PERI.

  • Strengthen compliance with rules and regulations
  • Increase transparency and visibility into spend
  • Ramp up security using multifactor authentication features
  • Eliminate errors in expense reports
  • Mitigate expense frauds and violations

Peri® Use Cases

Data classification features streamline accounting audits

Immaculate data records enable tracking of foreign expenses while complying with various international laws

Ability to safely store detailed financial records to get investors to mobilize their funds

A public company must send business records to the regulating authority for securities to ensure compliance with various acts. PERI helps you with these processes

Retail & Commerce

Automate expense management to maximize profits and enhance customer exPERIence

E-commerce and retail companies thrive on well-balanced and synergistic tie-ups with various vendors. Whether selling at a physical location like a store or selling online through a website or an app, the key to focusing on the core business is to streamline vital and time-consuming processes like expense management. Let PERI do the bills while you focus on selling and delivering products to your customer.

  • Effortlessly keep track of expenditure on the supply chain, infrastructure, and other vendors
  • Use in-depth, actionable insights to negotiate better with vendors
  • Maintain a concrete trail of expenses for mandatory audits
  • Use statistical data and insights to review and alter your budget as per your business’s supply, demand, and growth.

Peri® Use Cases

Annual budget

Supply chain
expense management

Seamless tracking of logistics expenditure

Formulating a financial
operating model

Audit trail


Simplify expense management and tracking to boost productivity and focus on what matters most

The hospitality domain is heavily dependent on the ‘show-and-tell’ strategy. Hospitality companies increase their outreach by constantly employing traveling sales representatives. Such enterprises can make strategic decisions based on the immaculate reports generated by PERI.

  • Get a holistic view of real-time expenditure at any time from any location
  • Use smart analytics and data-driven insights to allocate the right budget
  • Maintain efficient audit trails and TAT reports
  • Automate invoice processes to streamline purchase requests
  • Expedite approvals and reimbursements

Peri® Use Cases

Strategic sales budget allocation

Vendor comparison and feasibility analysis based on reports

Customizing policies to meet hygiene standards

Financial analysis of

Maintaining the taxation structure to meet compliance with acts pertaining to shops and establishments

Life Science & Healthcare

Increase compliance and maximize efficiency with immaculate expense management and tracking

Healthcare and life sciences is a rapidly evolving sector that requires collaboration with equally growing suppliers. The Healthcare industry is directly dependent on medical equipment manufacturers. With new technology and apparatus being continuously introduced, hospitals and life science companies rush to ensure that they are well-equipped with the latest and greatest hardware available. Make collaborations smoother with PERI.

  • Control costs and heighten visibility on employee spends
  • Stay compliant with rules and regulations
  • Improve business outcomes with the help of data-driven insights
  • Increase employee productivity with simplified expense reporting

Peri® Use Cases

Smart analytics tools provide real-time expense insights

A safe audit trail that keeps sensitive financial records airtight

Detailed reporting to help in budget allocation strategies

Tracking emergency visits of healthcare providers


Foster a data-driven approach towards budget allocation and unlock true financial potential

To reduce unnecessary bulk in the context of operations efficiency, IT companies require smart and robust solutions that can meet their uniquely dynamic needs. As a cloud-based travel & expense management solution, PERI enables sales representatives on the move to request trips, client meals, or advance payments.

  • Gain control and make smart decisions with streamlined spend management
  • Manage and track every expense from one holistic platform
  • Use actionable insights and analytics to review and alter your budget as per the evolving needs of your business
  • Optimize overall business and enhance employee productivity

Peri® Use Cases

Business trip
expenditure analysis

categorization of data

CSR budget

Employee retention budget allocation

feasibility analysis


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