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Helping Businesses Ace their Travel & Expense Management

PERI is an intelligent, user-friendly expense tracking and management software that helps businesses bring more visibility and control into corporate spending and optimize costs. Administrators can easily configure expense policies, automate accounts, create approval workflows, systematize reimbursements, and synchronize seamlessly with any ERP application to manage travel and expenses like a pro.

With PERI in your arsenal, transform business outcomes by facilitating increased flexibility, transparency, sustainability, security, and maximized savings!

Key Benefits

Peri is the Simplest Way to Manage Expenses

Streamline your expense management processes and maximize your productivity

Advance Cash Request

Raise advance cash requests for timely reimbursements and a seamless employee experience.

Bulk Upload

Cater to the growing volume of your business, and effortlessly upload expense reports in bulk.

Efficient Mileage Tracking

Cut costs, improve compliance, and facilitate accurate mileage reporting using GPS tracking.

Partial Rejection

Assigned Managers can review, approve, reject, and adjust requested amounts.

Expense Control

Allocate limitations as per policies, categories, and other user-defined classifications.

Automated Reports

Create, customize, and generate expense summary reports in a matter of minutes.

Automate Travel Expenses with PERI

Travel and expense management has never been easier. PERI is 100% online. Access PERI from anywhere, anytime using our iOS/Android app or through a web browser. Automate your current manual system by creating an integrated repository of all your spending data. Optimize costs, enhance spend visibility, control corporate spending, and build positive employee experiences with PERI.
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